8th Annual Teen Summit

Art Submissions & Voting

"Self-Isolate", Isabel B.

This piece represents self-isolation during Covid-19. Through Covid it’s felt like we are living our daily life through a screen, that it’s the only light shining through and the work as we know it is just going dark, as if it was disappearing. With this piece I hope to represent that and the hopelessness with that feeling.

Give Up.jpg
"Give Up", Kayleigh B.

My art work represents my view on "behind the screen" and "social norms". In this piece the popups with red exclamation points, and bacteria in the background represent the toxic messages everyone has to put on social media during this pandemic. People don't understand the effects they may have on other with just a simple message. On the other side of the screen, the people who are reading those messages may take it to heart or have an urge to read them no matter the situation.

Voting has concluded and the winner will be announced Friday, February 26th.